War is a Racket by Maj Gen Butler

Small book published by retired Marine Maj Gen Smedley Butler in the the 1930s warning how war is a business racket. He should know. He was a decorated war hero. As a veteran myself, i concur with his assessment. As the saying goes, “the more things change the more they stay the same.”

In my opinion, I believe our next empirical war stop will be Syria (since the President no longer needs Congress to declare war,but does what UN says);and now the headlines after the Koni2012 video the stop after that may well be Uganda. Although reports from Uganda, tell us that no one knows if Koni if is even alive.

Is it possible that we want to intervene in another civil war in Uganda because they have gold and oil?  So that we can prevent the Chinese from getting it before us?


2 thoughts on “War is a Racket by Maj Gen Butler

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